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Transhorn: International Transporation and Logistics Co.

Transhorn Logistics SAFETY AND SERVICE ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY Started as necessary growth, to supplement for Transhorn Trucking asset based transportation business, Transhorn Logistics has vision to become one of the largest freight brokerage companies in United States. As a Freight company and Truck Broker, we provide a seamless logistics experience to everyone we serve, and we always strive to develop repeat business. Our extensive carrier network is comprised of many large fleets, our in-house assets, and thousands of owner-operators. This mix allows us to offer reliable, cost effective and year-round capacity for our customers. Our emphasis on delivering exceptional service drives us to act with integrity in all facets of our operations, especially in every interaction with our clients and carriers. This approach to serving our clients makes us the go to logistics team for customers throughout the country. Backed by our No Excuse philosophy, TRANSHORN is committed to providing visibility, communication and tracking to a variety of products and modes. From consumer goods to food and beverage, paper and packaging, retail, technology and more. TRANSHORN is unwavering in its mission to provide the best service in the industry.